DC HeatPump Services

DC heat Pump Services specialise in air to water heating systems. We are approved service agents for Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, Hitachi , Grant and Samsung Joule air to water heat pumps.

We offer a maintenance and breakdown service. These systems should be serviced annually to comply with manufacture's warranty and to ensure optimum running efficiency. If you service your air to water system with us, you can be assured that all manufacture's warranty will be valid.

We offer a breakdown service which will cover all troubleshooting and fault-finding of the heat pump indoor and outdoor units. This will cover both the electrical, plumbing and refrigeration sides of the heat pump. As we are an f-gas registered business with refrigeration qualification, we can replace any component on the refrigeration side of the system. We can also identify if the problem is within the heat pump or is associated with the plumbing ancillary parts.

As an approved service agent, we can offer a commissioning service for new or existing installations. This would involve inputting the most efficient parameters for your system along with complete system setup. We get a lot of calls for high running costs, we find this can be due to the system not having the most efficient parameters installed. Commissioning would also involve a full system check mechanically and electrically to ensure the system is installed as part of the manufacture's guidelines. A full commissioning report would be handed over to the homeowner on completion.

As an F-Gas registered business, we also offer installation of refrigeration pipe work on new installations. This would be required on split units where refrigeration pipes are required to run between the indoor and outdoor units.

DC Heat Pump services also offer all of the above services for air conditioning systems. We can also install and size air conditioning systems for domestic and commercial clients.

Brands we service